Almost There

Just couple days and we are entering the new level of year!! 2015 is coming, are you fuckin ready!!!??? I can’t hear youuuuuuuuuuuuu….!!! The bad thing is rainy season is also fucking coming!! I hate it sooo fuckin much, cause I can’t slacklining like usual 😦

I wish that I was on beachlining again under the shiny sun and good season of slackline like before 🙂



Slackline on Pine Forest Last Year

Yahooo….Ein unbekaantes posten bei mir *lacht*. I’ve received files from Pine Forest Slackline shoot last year on my weekend. It was gorgeous, magnificent, and also subarashi!!!

My face looks youngger than the real one xD

I wanna go slacklining between sexy trees again, oh my God!!