I welded some plates today. I used FCAW (Flux Core Arc Welding). It felt soooo nice!!! So I still love it, welding for the best eeeaaaa




This year 2015 almost over, I accomplished all my resolutions for this year. So I want to make another resolutions for 2016!
1. Buy Actiom Cam
2. Get an accoustic electric guitar
3. Landed ButtFlip on Slackline!!!
4. Making Omegamon tats 🙂
5. Playing more Kendama
6. Get laid!!!

I wanna be on commercial break next year lol

Can I accomplish all my task for next year, just wait in 1 year hahahaha


Welcoming Namek

Leaving this year early would be great. Greeting the new year 2016 before my birthday would be splendid. I’m getting bored wiz my ordinary life, I need more fun, I wanted to slacklining more and I just wanna having more fun than before. But in real life that thing still not happening. I know it’s not the world nor God wrong, it’s myself who became more stupid than ever. I am nobody and I’ve got nothing to accomplish in my miserable life. I want to shut it down my life and I’m sure some people will missing me, but it takes not to long. Coz their routines will taking their attention. So I want to say good nite and have a nice dream. I luv u