Capture The Best Moment On November

I got new call back from my previous idol, first time I felt so happy and then it feels awkward coz it’s been a while that we lose in touch. I don’t wanna ruin my hope and losing my faith again. This is another problem that came this year into me, I know that I can solve it, but in the end, the pain is still left.
Damn, I’m writing this while I’m hearing Cassis one memorable song of The Gazette. It feels so fuckin nostalgic!!!

“明日あなたの気持ちが離れても きっと変わらず愛している
明日あなたに僕が見えなくても きっと変わらず愛している。
I will walk together, the future not promised
It keeps walking together, to the future in which you are……”

Anyway I got first like from Kendama USA on my IG yeaaah



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