Bunaken Dives, Lekuan 2 !!!


It’s already 3 weeks after my beautiful trip to North Celebes, Manado. 1000 Church town. It was really amazing to be there with my best friend, another gift I received this year, Last year I tought that was my last dive at Takabonerate, South Celebes, But I did wrong, maybe last year was the beginning. Diving at Bunaken gave me different paradigm about diving world, I dove until 32 M depth, and all I saw was magnificent view! Water visibility was so goddamn clear. I really hate it when one of my friend said that Bunaken was ugly, hey! you know what? She just did snorkling! That make big difference!!!

I hope I could diving again at Bunaken again someday, it really nice to be in North Celebes.

Peace out!!