KROM Deluxe – Walnut and Rubberwood – Yellow

YEAH!!! Yesterday I’ve got my new Kendama KROM Deluxe – Walnut and Rubberwood – Yellow. It’s a product from KROM Kendama, but I bought it from @kendamayk :). Anyway I wanna give a shout about it.
First impression was ” Why the Ken’s color not same as on the web ” you could find the web image from KENDAMA USA. It bothered me just a bit, and then I opened the box, it’s kind of an ordinary box I think hahahaha… And then I started to smell it, and wow!!It smelled like a wood! Damn, I didn’t get it from my first ugly Kendama this sensation hahahaha…And the I started to played around the world, and you know what? Another good sensation that I got, when the Sarado meet Tama it felt so crispy, yeah like when you eat fried chicken, krauss krauss krauss yummeah!!!. Although it’s heavier than my previous Kendama, but it also more beveled than my previous one.
My final score about this (in my opinion) is 8/10. With the smell of wood and also the bevel of Tama and right weight of Ken. But the Tama is more slippery than my previous one, but the string and bead is much much better than my previous one 🙂
Ahhh I wanted to buy more Kendama and practicing more 🙂