Almost There

Just couple days and we are entering the new level of year!! 2015 is coming, are you fuckin ready!!!??? I can’t hear youuuuuuuuuuuuu….!!! The bad thing is rainy season is also fucking coming!! I hate it sooo fuckin much, cause I can’t slacklining like usual 😦

I wish that I was on beachlining again under the shiny sun and good season of slackline like before 🙂



Arka Setiawan


Hi, my name is Arka from Indonesia, I love slacklining and playing Guitar, currently I live in the capital city of Indonesia called Jakarta. A lot of things happened in this year. Good things and also bad things, all became my new experiences in my life and in few days we’ll going to new year 2015. Damn I turned into 28 years old few days ago, and it happened so fast!.

Ok, I’ll make resolutions for next year
1. I have to buy new 25 M Slackline set for trickline
2. Need a new Handy!
3. Operation on my mole
4. Need to learn ButtFlip!!!
5. Add more inks on my body 🙂

So until then keep watching on me..I’ll post something good maybe xD