Eiger Anniversery

Yuhuuu…How was your weekend? I’ ve had another great weekend wiz Pushing Panda. I’ ve been in Ranca Upas, Ciwedey – Bandung. This is the coldest place in Bandung.

I did camping, slacklining, and also I was totally freezing at midnight xD

But it sooo much fun for 2D1N, I want to get another experience like this again 🙂



PT. Arkon Prima Indonesia

Hello folks! What’s up?

Let me show you what I’ve done at my working hours. It’s tiring and also sometimes frustrating.

For them who enjoy the pic, I really appreciate it. And who doesn’t, give me five xD



I went to Bandung last weekemd, it was enjoyable moment for me because I’ve had tricklining and highlining session.

On my 2nd Highlining session on Citatah, west Bandung. I still couldn’t conquer my fear, but at least I’ve made progress, coz I could mounting back on the line after fell down.

I feel weak as a boy, so I’ve had to train my body and soul more!!!