Miku Expo 2014

Good morning folks!

I attended Miku Expo 2014 at Jakarta Convention Center yesterday.

I went at 8.30 AM and arrived there at 10.15 AM. I waited my bronze ticket until 11.30 AM and then I joined the long line up about 30 minutes!

Damn, I forgot to bring a food, so I entered the crowd at 12.40 PM and I felt weak while enjoy the show hahaha

Hatsune Miku came to my country for very first time honestly I expected another Hatsune that will coming to me hahaha and I felt so happy and also lucky, she sang some of my favorite songs, and also she speaked in bahasa and sang one song called ” Venus di ujung jari”.. It was really touching, and my tears almost fell off xD. The concert took about 2 hours, Hatsune Miku performed wiz some other friends

The show was magnificent! The band was really awesome, especially the guitarist.

After the concert I wanted buy some goods, but unfortunately some goods was already sold out! So I bought Miku Expo in S size hahaha I really wanted that shirt, but only S size left.

I wish I could see Hatsune Yamada Miku again next time 🙂



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