Miku Expo 2014

Good morning folks!

I attended Miku Expo 2014 at Jakarta Convention Center yesterday.

I went at 8.30 AM and arrived there at 10.15 AM. I waited my bronze ticket until 11.30 AM and then I joined the long line up about 30 minutes!

Damn, I forgot to bring a food, so I entered the crowd at 12.40 PM and I felt weak while enjoy the show hahaha

Hatsune Miku came to my country for very first time honestly I expected another Hatsune that will coming to me hahaha and I felt so happy and also lucky, she sang some of my favorite songs, and also she speaked in bahasa and sang one song called ” Venus di ujung jari”.. It was really touching, and my tears almost fell off xD. The concert took about 2 hours, Hatsune Miku performed wiz some other friends

The show was magnificent! The band was really awesome, especially the guitarist.

After the concert I wanted buy some goods, but unfortunately some goods was already sold out! So I bought Miku Expo in S size hahaha I really wanted that shirt, but only S size left.

I wish I could see Hatsune Yamada Miku again next time 🙂



Wedding Crush

I attended wedding party last weekend, and one thing that make special. It was my junior high friend wedding, Jovianto. We’ve met last time 9 years ago! And I just recieved his invitation 2 days before by facebook hahahaha

One thing that I regret it, I lost so many memories to hang out wiz him. But it doesn’t matter, We must seeing forward, and reach our goal.

So good luck wiz your life and all the best for u 🙂