Another Weekend Rest

It’s been a whike, that i didn’t stay on the bed on weekend, but i started again last week because of my sickness.

And this week i was actually totally rest on Sunday, coz on Saturday i met some of friends from Jogja.

They are couple who already had one baby, but after 5 months the mother couldn’t producing milk anymore in her breast, so I didn’t meet their baby yesterday, but in exchange they brought 2 other friends xD

And it’s been a while that I didn’t go to the mall, and yesterday  I was in my past mall, I meant that I used to be in that mall a lot when I was in senior highschool. And I think the mall is getting smaller than before o,O!?

Anyway here a pic from yesterday, I hope that you’re enjoy it, coz i didn’t shave my mustache and bart for 2 weeks xD

Bye folks!