Another Weekend Rest

It’s been a whike, that i didn’t stay on the bed on weekend, but i started again last week because of my sickness.

And this week i was actually totally rest on Sunday, coz on Saturday i met some of friends from Jogja.

They are couple who already had one baby, but after 5 months the mother couldn’t producing milk anymore in her breast, so I didn’t meet their baby yesterday, but in exchange they brought 2 other friends xD

And it’s been a while that I didn’t go to the mall, and yesterday  I was in my past mall, I meant that I used to be in that mall a lot when I was in senior highschool. And I think the mall is getting smaller than before o,O!?

Anyway here a pic from yesterday, I hope that you’re enjoy it, coz i didn’t shave my mustache and bart for 2 weeks xD

Bye folks!



I recieved this shocking news few days ago. One of my ex team is pregnant! She is still beautifull wiz big stomach! And one more thing surprising me that her husband was also in our team!

I hope they will always happy until the death come!

Have fun both of you Tiffanie and Afif 🙂