Commuter Line

I’ve used train in Jkt for many times, but last night, I’ve felt something different!

It was like i used a train in foreign country! Why? Because it was lonely and cold!

hahahaha..Anyway it’s one of my favorite public transportation, yeah riding a train.





I was slacklining at UI last Sunday, and it was awesome!

I met new people, and also i was slacklining from 9.30 until 17.00!!

I was totally exhausted! And after that i got delayed onset muscle soreness for 4 days! Damn it was rough condition at my work place, and fortunately that i already recovered today 🙂

But i don’t really care, if i get another DOMS next time for slackline xD



I didn’t meant to talk about AKB new single, where Yuko becoming center for the last time in AKB48, Mae Shika Mukanee is single wiz thrilling music, it’s just so match wiz Yuko’s personality IMHO..Even there’s no hard choreo hahahaha

Ok, let’s talk the main topic now, I’m getting excited about AKB’s performance on MUSIC STATION on 7th February 2014, their live performanced, their seifuku, their attitude was so magnificent! plus there was BABYMETAL in MUSIC STATION for the very first time!

BABYMETAL performed Ijime, Dame, Zettai wiz Kami Band..And you know what happened when BABYMETAL was performing that song? Every artists in that studio was getting hyped hahahaha…

And since that moment, Mayuyu love BABYMETAL because of her excitement and also she possesed fox sign all the time when BABYMETAL was on the stage..Oh my God, this is one of my hillarious weekend XD