Today is the day, the day she’s turned into another age.

Time flied so fast, and I wasn’t able to see her in such long periode time.

God if you’re really exist, i want to reach again, no matter what.

Damn, i feel like loser now, for several years i did nothing to catching up her, and my biggest regret is when I’m lost her.

It’s always raining all the time now in Jkt, and i bet in Jpn is colder than here right now.

Oh my God, why can’t i just get my head out of her. Is it a torture or should i call it’s a bless.

So once again happy birthday, i want to say it again next year, next year, and forever!

I wouldn’t satisfy until i could spend some life wiz u, but if i couldn’t…..



Why the tittle is her?hahaha, i just want to make memory of her on that day, the day she was soooo sexy ♥__♥

Anyway it was the day i was wiz her and some of friends, i was stunned coz i saw her sexy body, and her ass, yes her ass remind me of Gacchan * oooh my god how i miss Gacchan right now 😦 *

We were at Umbul Ponggok, Klaten. It looks like ocean inside but it looks very different from the outside. And some villager used to wash their clothes in there, that’s so sad and also stupid i think 😦

Oh, how i miss on of my great weekend on 2014, slackline in Solo wiz her on Saturday and swimming wiz her in Umbul Ponggok on Sunday. I hope we can meet again in the future Nora, see you 😉

1st Blood in 2014

Yeah, my 1st post in this year!

Look at this pic, I suppost to be exhausted coz i swam too much today, but look at my eyes, look at carefully…It looks so stupid xD

Today was another great day, we were in Ponggok, and took so many underwater pictures, and Nora’s ass was just too goddamn sexy also had so much fun ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

And after that we drove motobike about 50 Km back to town and ate a good lotek there, and finally we have to separated, but before that….We took this picture.

Kinda sad and happy feeling for me, but it was really nice weekend anyway (>ω<)

Ok guys, let's meet up again sometimes chuu!!!