Jumpin to Heaven

Meanwhile on earth. I still waiting for this world to stop dying, many excuses that we shared doesn’t change the world to stop dying.

Ok folks, what’s up?! How’s your weekend? Mine was great, another bake party 🙂

It already begun, the rainy season here, so i hope this Saturday the sun would be shining, coz i want to slackline!

Yeah slackline every weekend L”L


P.S: I’ve uploaded on my youtube’s channel when i was on that picture ..enjoy 😉 here is the link slackline namek


Fun in the Forest

Last week i went to Baturraden, Purwokerto. I did some slackline coaching there wiz some friends. Beside slacklining, we were camping and also did some waterlining, longlining. Both about more than 30 Meter.

The event was really goddamn fun! I wish i could attend any similiar event in the future 😉



My underwater wet welding course is over. I kinda had a mixed feelings between sad+happy xD

2 months gone so fast! So my routines are also over. I drove everyday about 80 kilometres from my home to the course place and back again to my home. The course began at 07.30 A.M until 04.00 P.M every Monday to Friday.

But all is over now, so my next plan is about to finding a job!

See u folks!