For someone i love the most, this is kinda annoying statement for me, but don’t hesitate..I’m not gonna live forever.

If i leave this world tomorrow, i’ve had no regret to fell in love wiz u…

Beauty memories i’ve had wiz u, and i’ll keep it all in my heart and my soul..Eventough u’re found someone else.


初音山田♬♡♩ HappyBirthday♩♡♬ヽ(*´∀`)ノ♥素敵な1年になりますよーに ♡



Happy new year 2013!!!

So many obstacles that we’ve been.through, but it never came to the finish line. End of the day will coming soon. So you have to prepared!!

Btw i received a nice slackline sketch from my friend, and i tought he has talent 😉