Sashihara Rino Transfer To HKT48


Yesterday in the mornin, i wake up wiz a lil’ bit shocked, after i received a wazap message from a friend of mine about one of AKB member being tranferred. And then i searched on internet, so i found it o,O!

Sashiko is being transferred to HKT48!! After she got 4th ranking on the last senbatsu, now she have to begin from zero!!

It’s happened because of that filthy magazine, who wrote about Sashiko’s past time wiz another guy and also about sexual attraction between of them.

Sashiko told to Aki P that some infos in that filthy magazines are not true *but i’m really sure, that they already made out L”L*.

First time i knew about Sashiko in the end of this February, as she came to my country and held AKBxJKT concert. She was on local fuckin Tv, and she said a funny word wiz our language xD Since then i’m getting interested to her.

And last week i couldn’t stop to hearing one song from AKB48 called Not Yet *Which included Sashiko*.

But now she will joining wiz another sister group of 48. I really wish that this just temporary happen, and i hope that she’ll back to AKB 48 again!!!

[Please watch over warmly on
“the least member who meets
expectation” Sashihara Rino].


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