Instagram is really goid photo sharing application! I saw many marvelous photos because of it, and found some people who really appreciate it my photos!

Damn, i’m out of topic again L”L

Also, let’s begin what happened today, i’ve got nearly 100 followers on my instagram account, and i’m sure tomorrow i will have more than 100 followers! *hey Aruka! Justfocus on write your stupid blog !*

Also, today i visited my luthier again, and paid my regulation money for my e-guitar, and also i gave him my inlay guitar.

Today i’ve found something good for my guitar! You lnow what?! There will be Peacock motive on my guitar ≧∀≦!!

I’m really wanting my guitar finish as soon as possible L”L


Mba Ike


It’s been a few days or maybe more than a week that i didn’t write anything here *blame on instagram for this*

Last nite i was invited by my friend into her graduation party on one famous pizza restaurant *but not my favorite one*

She seemed pretty happy last nite, cause she surrounded by her lovely friends *and how about me L”L*

And now she’s got another dream, she really wanted to getting doctoral scholarship to England.

I hope our God granted her wish, and i wish nothing but the best for you *sing*

See you folks 😉



These days i really busy wiz my daily thesis programs, from typing, learning, reading, and interviewing. It’s all take my time. Maybe i could be depressed, if i didn’t eat some sweetness things like doughnut, etc.

And these days also great, coz the sun shined, and i’ve got so many photos for my instagram *don’t forget to follow my instagram account  @aruka69 xD*

And now i have a lil’bit time and also mood to do some blogging stuff. I want you to notice it, even tough i’m in busy time, i always think about of her. I really really miss her but i couldn’t say it directly to her,,, huh L”L

So, folks it’s time for me to close my eyes, and i wish  i could meet her again in romantic dream ♥