After several times i didn’t receive any pictures of my idol, today i’ve got plenty pictures of her.

I’m still impressed wiz her beauty. Maybe this is just my perception about her beauty, i don’t really care if you’re thinking that she’s not beauty.

Have you ever wandered how your brain (locked in the dark, silent chamber skull), experiences the blaze of color in a Van Gogh painting, the driving melodies and rhythms of rock n roll, the refreshing taste of watermelon on a hot day, the soft touch of child’s kiss, or the fragrance of wildflowers in springtime?

I just want to explain how my body and brain make perception about her. I’ve had so many beautiful experienced that i spent wiz her, that’s why i always looked the beauty of her.

I don’t want to mean it. But i think she’s gonna mad at me because i posted about her again, but i cannot hide my gratitude to her 😉

It’s been a while that i didn’t talk about my Idol on my blog. There are many things that make it happened.

I don’t know if i could meet her again. I know this really sucks that she live so far far away from me, but i’m trully happy when she’s still remember me.

Anyway i’m still on library and kinda stuck wiz all this books and journals, i really wanted to get out from this boring situation ≧∇≦!!


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