Yesterday was a surprising day for me, why?? Because Acchan announced her graduation from AKB 48!!!

And today, after several hardly times my Idol finished her study and also graduated from her college. I don’t have any words to say, so i just write em’down on my blog.

“Today was another brighter sunny day. The sun shined to the earth, and everybody felt happy because of it.

Eventough we don’t know if tomorrow the sun also shining brightly just like today.

I know today was another special day for you. It was your graduation day! But graduate is not ending, it’s the  entrance to make a new journey.

For you, i know it’s been a rough time, but you did job well done there, omeletto!!! I’m really proud of you!!!”

P.S : I stalked this picture from her friends fb account xD


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