T to K


Some really crazy things happened during Day 2 of AKB48 ‘s [Gyoumu Renraku] concert.

Many people knew that Matsui Jurina worked really hard for SKE48 to catch up to AKB48. Many times she injured herself or overworked herself so much that she had to be sent to the hospital to recover. During Team S’s performance in the HKT48 Theater last month, she nearly died because she still performed even though she had an injury.

Then now for the really wacky part. To fill up the empty spots in Team A and Team B left by Yonezawa Rumi and Hirajima Natsumi. So Aki P decided to transferred Matsui Jurina from SKE to Team K in AKB 48 o,O! !

P.S: And now for the spoiler, i think Matsui Jurina’s face looks like one of Indonesian female artist. Her name is Wulan Guritno. I’ve already posted the picture, and of course Jurina’s face is more cutier than Guritno’s old face.


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