The new single of AKB 48 came out today! And i really excited about this, and since yesterday there were just 2 songs on my Rhytm Box playlist (GIVE ME FIVE and New Ship).

Even tough they’re just hits 966,529 on the 1st day single released, but it doesn’t matter at all. I can see a good profit in this case (just wait until one week released). GIVE ME FIVE’s Pv was really good, and it was really goddamn long (it’s looks like mini drama)!!! But it doesn’t matter at all, i could enjoy the story and the idols (of course 😉 )

And before i’m finishing this bloody post, let me show you 2 things

1. I’ve got new idol.I’ve found her because the New Ship’s Pv, but she’s not from AKB 48, she’s from SKE 48, her name is Matsui Jurina (松井珠理奈). Some fans were saying things like, “we don’t want SKE in an AKB song”. But i don’t fuckin care at all about those stupid statement, i just wanted to enjoy every side from my new idol!!!

2. Let’s sing GIVE ME FIVE together!!!




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