T-ARA (When girlband turn into sexual disorder)


Yaman what’s up!?
There are plenty girl bands who involved based on korean girlband spreading around my fuckin country (i don’t want to mention about boy gay band).

I know it’s kinda annoying.for.me, coz they’re just copycat to the korean girlband to gain popularity.

So, i think the one who’s to blame is the korean girlband it self! Why?

First, they’re just crazy bitches who likes to show their legs for foot fetish!!!

Second, they’re becoming popular around the world  because of their legs.

Third, nowadays Korean girlband also making japanese version for every single they’ve made, i know japanese fans is really fanatic if they’re likes some artist. But it just another terrible fuckin strategy, the japanese would like to strikes back and invade the other countries again. So it’s not good relationship between them.

If they’re relationship is getting worst in the future, i believe it’s gonna be the opening ceremony of third world war!!!


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