It’s coming!!!

I meant the micro sd that ordered from kaskus since last Thursday is coming now!!!

The packaging looks great!!! But i don’t use it now, so i still don’t know the power it self 🙂




For me it’s kinda a hardthing, if i want to bathing.

Normaly i just took my clothes off, and i was lying on bed wizout any of clothes!!

Yeah, naked and lazy is two different things before i go to bathroom xD



My tounge is burned!!!

It’s happened  cause i ate a bowl of hot Cap Cay!!! i meant it’s really hot, cause it’s fresh from the frying pan!!! I have to chewed it wiz slowly, because i’ve made promise to my idol, that i will chewing slowly when i eat something i want to break my promised.

Now i want to take a bath and watching Final Destination 3  🙂